2019 Nebraska High School Football's Premier Linemen - Classes A and B.

Nothing more picturesque than Offensive Linemen and Defensive Linemen in an action shot. 

Monday, August 12th will be the official opening of the 2019 Nebraska high school football season, practice-wise, so why not salute the big men up front on both sides of the ball.

We’ll begin with Classes A and B and while the list is certainly not complete, I chose to highlight the players most likely to make an immediate impact when the sun rises Monday morning.

The positions in parenthesis denote the slots I have noticed where these players excel.

**CLASS A (Seniors)**

Kohl Herbolscheimer-Millard South (DL), 6-3, 276, Senior - 4 year starter, 3 FCS offers, 5 FBS, 53 tackles, 8TFL. Cleared the way for a pair of 1000 yarders a year ago. Real Deal.

Trajen Linear-Papillion LaVista South (DL), 6-3, 220, Senior - 3rd Team All-Metro with 64 tackles and an incredible 24 for losses with 11 sacks. Amazing hips, lightning quick fighting off blocks and just plain fast and nasty. 31” vertical and terrific wrestler as well.

Thomas Ault-Bellevue West (OT) 6-5, 260, Senior - 3year starter. 3 year starter. Outstanding O-Line Blocker, long, lean, mean, and just loves the game.

TJ Griffin-Bellevue West, (OC), 6-2, 320, Senior - 3 year starter. Road grader. Nasty road grader at that.

Kaden Lind-Bellevue West, (OG), 6-1, 240, Senior - Somebody has to be good in the pulling game for Bell. West. This would be your man. Another 3 year starter in that T-Bird O-Line.

Preston Kellogg-Papillion LaVista (OL) 6-6, 305 Senior - Tough to move and getting better. Keeps going till the whistle and then some.

Alex Trevino-Lincoln Southeast, (OL), 6-3, 280, Senior - Saw him play twice in 2018. Outstanding O-Lineman that will walk on at Nebraska and be a future starter there. Yes.

Teivis Tuioti-Lincoln Southeast, 6-3, 285, Senior - Bloodlines (Dad/Tony a Husker FB coach), a monster for San Ramone, Cal. last season, now a monster DL for the Knights. Gets to the QB.

Jackson McMillen-Omaha Westside, (OL), 6-3, 279, Senior - McMillen was one of the absolute best blockers in the Metro in 2018 and still only made 2nd Team All-Metro. Deep field of top notch offensive linemen in Class A this Fall. Love it!

Caleb Robinson-Omaha Burke (DL), 6-2, 240, Senior - 1st Team All-Metro. Can play anywhere in that Burke D-Line and excel. Runs down and gobbles up ball carriers. Impossible to block.

Jaxon Worley-Kearney (DE), 6-2, 235, Senior - Pretty tough dude for only weighing 205 at the DE position. Worley had 38 stops in 2018. That will increase significantly in 2019, trust me.

Alex Rodriquez-Grand Island, 5-9, 245, Senior - Great on both sides of the ball. Had 54 tackles in 2018, which is a ton for a D-Lineman. Bonafide All-State material here.


Teddy Prochazka-Elkhorn South (OL) 6-8, 250, Junior - 8 D1 FBS offers last I checked. Very flexible and highly skilled redirection player in that Storm O-Line. 2nd Team All-Metro. STUD.

Isaac Zatechka-Elkhorn South (OL/Center), 6-4, 245, Junior - 3rd Team All-Metro OL as a sophomore. Holds his ground very well. Very strong run blocker and excellent QB pass protector. Long snapper for punts and of course…….bloodlines, baby.

Cade Haberman-Omaha Westside (OL/DL) 6-3, 265, Junior - 3rd Team All-Metro Offense as a soph in a deep talent field. Anchors the D-Line and gets it done on both sides. Great wrestler.

Brynden Anderson-Millard South (DE) 6-1, 225, Junior - Plays on fire from start to finish. Great lateral movement and text book tackling. Knows where he ball is at all times. Member of the famous Millard South Under Armour Patriots team that went 78-3 during their 6 year run.

Nolan Olafson-Omaha Burke 6-1, 265, Junior (OL) - Another Super-Soph 3rd Team All-Metro O-Lineman. Brutal pulling, lead downfield blocker. Bowls ‘em over as he goes.

Zavion Garcia Hill-Lincoln High, (DL) 5-10, 305, Junior - Nearly impossible to move and has faster feet than you think. Zavion will be the Links line leader in 2019 on both sides of the ball.

Tristan Gray-Omaha North (OL/DL), 6-3, 290, Junior - Developed into a terrific O-Line blocker in 2018. Great blocking technique that allows those quick-hitting Viking backs through the line in a hurry. Probably will rotate in and out of that Vikings D-Line, but is very lethal when in there.

Hunter Push-Omaha North- (OL), 6-4, 260, Junior - Not quite as polished as Gray, but still a high skill level sophomore. Future All-Metro guy with a perfect name for an O-Lineman.

AJ Rollins-Creighton Prep (TE), 6-6, 215, Junior - Picked up an offer from Nebraska after a recent summer camp performance. Good enough for them, good enough for me. Pass Receiver extraordinaire in that Husker summer camp.

Beau Wendt-Millard South (OG/DT), 6-0, 280, Junior - Diamond All-American for the Millard South Under Armour Patriots 78-3 team. Future All-Metro, All-State player. Never quits on his blocks and at times takes more than one defender out on a play as a pulling guard. Very bright future ahead for this young man, who will only get stronger.


Blake Anderson-Omaha Skutt (OL), 6-4, 275, Senior - Has made more pancakes in his career than that IHOP on the 4700 block of 72nd street in West Omaha. When this guy pushes you out of the way (if he doesn’t pancake you), it’s like 30 yards downfield away from the play. Best in Class B

Sam Clarkson-Scottsbluff (OT/DT), 6-6, 290, Senior - How badly does Big Sam want to play football after missing all of 2018? Just killed the kid to be on the sidelines and if his rehab and off-season went like I think, Clarkson will be a monster in 2019. Probably count on it.

Grady Griess-GINW (OL/DL), 6-3, 230, Senior - Returning All-State lineman who plays with an attitude on both sides of the ball. State Class B 195 pound wrestling champion earlier in the year. 100 tackles in 2018 as a defensive lineman.That’s unreal. Tough to find a better one in Class B defensively.

Drew Daum-McCook, (OL/Center/) 6-0, 200, Senior - Remarkably strong for a 200 pounder. Out of sight lower body strength. An O-Lineman that led an offense that averaged 381 yards/game. You’ll see his name on the Linebackers list as well. Should be All-State this year.

Alec Langan-McCook (DL/DE), 6-3, 210, Junior - Jeff Gross has a real jewel here. 64 tackles last year as a sophomore and one of the absolute best in the state at fighting off blocks. Remarkable upper body strength and very intelligent student of the game with cat like reflexes. Sure-fire All-Stater in 2019 and will be one of Cam Berry’s favorite targets at Tight End on offense.

Nolan Gorczyca-Omaha Roncalli (OL/OT/NG), 6-5, 260, Junior - Three sport athlete (FB, BB, Baseball) had a terrific sophomore football season for the Crimson Pride and impressed at this summer’s Husker Pipeline camp. Gorczyca (Gore-zick-ah) is really an ace at the pulling plays and is another top notch pancake specialist.. Dude actually looks long and sleek for carrying 260 pounds on that 6-5 frame. Future All-State and Division One football player.

Trevor Brown-Waverly, 6-2, 260, Sophomore - Not sure I’ve seen a Freshman lineman in high school build as well as Trevor Brown. 3rd place medalist at State Wrestling earlier this year, finishing 49-3. Helped create openings for a pair of 1000 yard rushers at Waverly and should be an FBS scholarship candidate before long. Dude looked like a senior when he was in the 8th grade. Just wait till he gets gets that nasty streak.

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