After flooding ravaged the area in March, many people wanted to know how they could help.

One business, Sunheat International, decided to donate funds from their 12th annual Golf Tournament, which was Friday, to Heartland Disaster Relief, an organization that is a part of United Way, where 100 percent of the money donated will go toward flood victims in Hall, Howard, Hamilton and Merrick counties.

Josh Rookstool, director of sales at Sunheat, said each year they donate the proceeds of the tournament to a different recipient, and felt this year the flood victims could use their help.

“Our donations last year went to an old employee of ours, and we raised almost $6,500 for a liver transplant,” Rookstool said. “We chose this because it was relevant and I’ve seen it first hand. One of my good friends had a house that got destroyed, basically.”

Rookstool said that it isn’t a lot of money, but he hopes that it can really help some people out as they continue to recover.

Twenty-seven teams of four signed up to golf.

Rookstool said along with golf, there were other games spread throughout the course.

Participants could try their hand at Wheel of Fortune, where someone spins a wheel and possibly got a fun advantage at that particular hole.

There was also a putting contest, a hole-in-one contest, Polish horseshoes and more.

A crowd favorite, besides the actual game, is golf pong.

Whichever team has the most points at the end of game wins a mini keg party sponsored by Wave Pizza.

Participants could purchase “Nebraska Strong” T-shirts and cups throughout the tournament to benefit flood victims.

Rookstool said 12 years ago, the golf tournament started because he wanted to get his workers out of the office for the day.

Now it has blossomed into a fundraiser that has benefited many over the years.

Sunheat International is a family-owned business that started in 1954 and is in their third generation, so giving back to the area is important to them.

Rookstool said they are very grateful for local sponsors that have helped them put the golf tournament on every year.

Even though it didn’t start out as a fundraising event, Rookstool said helping others is a big reason they continue to put it on every year.

“At the end of the day, you know, we’re able to help somebody else out and everyone has a good time,” said Rookstool.

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