Nebraska Danger officials have been kicking around some ideas for a team Hall of Fame for the past few months.

Those officials are still kicking those ideas around, but one thing has been decided.

Brad Fossberg is the first member of the Danger Hall of Fame.

The long-time news director and sports broadcaster at G.I. Family Radio was honored Saturday night in the team’s final regular-season home game of the season by being introduced as the first-ever member of the Danger Hall of Fame.

Fossberg has been battling cancer for the past several months.

“When Brad’s deal came up, it just kind of hit us all at once,” Danger general manager Mike McCoy said. “I mean he’s been with the program from day one. He was the voice of the team.

“What a great first person to pick. We don’t have everything set in stone right now, but we just thought it would be a great way to honor him and kind of kick off our plan.”

McCoy said they are still trying to figure out just how this hall of fame thing will work. They have some ideas, but the final manner of presentation has yet to be decided.

“We’ve been tossing it around for quite awhile, trying to figure out how we’d do it and what the qualifications were and everything,” McCoy said. “We’d been discussing just how we could make something like a display, something cool, that we could hang somewhere in the arena…or just something.”

It may end up being something portable that can be on display at games and also taken to team functions.

Eventually more individuals will join Fossberg in the Hall of Fame. There will certainly be some players added at some point.

“When you think of a Hall of Fame or a Ring of Fame, you think of players first,” McCoy said. “But players in our game really come and go. They’re pretty nomadic. We’ve had a lot of players come through here in the last four years.

“Of course we had the MVP last year (quarterback Jameel Sewell) and we had All-IFL guys here last year.”

Whoever ends up entering the Danger Hall of Fame, one thing will remain the same. Brad Fossberg will always be the first.

And there will never be a more deserving member either.

“We thought it was a great way to thank Brad and make sure he knows that he better get his (rear) back in the broadcast booth next year because we need him,” McCoy said.

Good luck Brad. Hang in there. We all want to hear you back behind the mic.

Bob Hamar is sports editor for The Independent.

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