Pig Brown leads the Indoor Football League in sacks this season with nine.

But the Nebraska Danger linebacker doesn’t take any of the credit for that success. Brown says it’s all about his teammates.

“I wouldn’t have one sack if our defensive linemen weren’t getting such great pressure,” said Brown, who played college football at the University of Missouri. “They open the lanes for me and I guess I just follow my blitzing pattern and try to get to the quarterback as quickly as possible.”

It’s probably not that cut and dried. In the IFL, only one linebacker can blitz on any play. If there are two linebackers in the game, then one holds up his hand before the play to indicate that he’s the designated blitzer.

The Danger are coming off a 66-62 win last weekend on the road in Kennewick, Wash., against the Tri-Cities Fever. The Danger is on the road again this week when it plays the Wyoming Cavalry Friday in Casper, Wyo.

Brown even had a sack for a safety against Tri-Cities, but once again, he said it was all about his teammates.

“The only reason I have those sacks are because we’re playing well as a unit,” Brown said. “If the DBs don’t cover well and the defensive linemen don’t give me great run-through lanes, I wouldn’t have even one sack, so I have to all the credit to my defensive backs and my defensive linemen.”

Head coach Mike Davis said the opposing team’s offense determines when the Danger will blitz. And when they do blitz, Brown has taken advantage of it to make some plays.

“We let other teams dictate when we blitz,” Davis said. “He’s good enough that he happens to get there. Our DBs play good coverage and the quarterback has to hold the ball a little longer than he wants and he’s able to get there.”

The Danger as a team leads the league in sacks with 27. Cedar Rapids is a fairly distant second with 20.

Danger defensive lineman Claude Wroten is second in the IFL in sacks with 7.5, just 1.5 behind Brown.

Davis has raved about the play of defensive linemen Wroten, Adrian Davis, Jervonte Jackson, Aronde Stanton and Randy Salmon all season long.

“We’ve been fortunate because we are getting a lot of pressure up front and it’s been helping out our defense tremendously,” Davis said. “We’re close to leading the league in picks after that, but these guys just have been really getting after the quarterback. We have five good ones, and four play every week and I feel sorry for the other one because he’s just as talented.”

Brown not only leads the league in sacks, but he is also tied for fourth in the IFL in tackles per game with 8.9 and is second in tackles for losses with 13.5.

The Danger did give up those 62 points last week, but the offense was able to pick up the slack.

“We played great on offense because we didn’t play that well on defense,” Davis said. “It’s a tough place to play. It’s a hostile environment. They got off to a slow start. They will be a spoiler to some people or they’ll go out and beat Colorado again and have a chance to get that second playoff spot.”

Brown pointed out that the Danger held Tri-Cities to just 164 yards for the game. but the Danger had 14 penalties for 123 yards. The Danger lead the league in fewest yards allowed per game at 203.

“A lot of that came from us having a lot of penalties,” Brown said of the 62 points. “They only had ((164) total yards and our opponents are averaging a little over 200, so we actually held them below average.

“But they got the ball inside the 20 four or five times to start off a drive. That’s not helping the defense out at all, but we won as a team.”

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