The Nebraska Danger found a way to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory last weekend.

The Danger lined up for a potential game-winning field goal by Joe Houston on the last play of the game, but Green Bay’s Elijah Fields blocked the 43-yard field goal attempt and Derek Earls picked it up and carried into the end zone to give the Blizzard a 53-47 victory.

“It was kind of tough losing a game like that off a blocked field goal,” Danger defensive end Adrian Davis said. “We lost the last couple games by just a couple points or so. It’s very tough when you’re going out there, trying to play hard and things just don’t go your way.

“But we’re back here trying to get fresh to prepare for this week. Last week is behind us. We’re just trying to get ready for this week.”

That’s the way goes in the Indoor Football League. This isn’t the first time the Danger has lost a game in a similar fashion. Two years ago, Wyoming blocked an extra point to beat the Danger in Grand Island.

This one didn’t go the Dangers’ way either.

“I wanted to call a timeout to make sure we were going to change the protection, but I didn’t want to ice my own kicker,” Danger coach Mike Davis said. “Hindsight is 20-20. They just made a play. It comes down to effort in this league, and they had better effort than we did on that last play.

“It was a tough loss, it was a tough thing to swallow on the way home, but the guys still understand that we still control our own destiny and can get home playoff games.”

The Danger is now 6-4 on the season, just half a game behind Intense Conference leader Colorado at 6-3. The Danger, now 1-4 on the road this season, play at Wyoming (1-8) at 8:05 p.m. Friday.

The Danger will be trying to break a two-game road losing streak that included a 43-41 loss to Sioux Falls two weeks ago. That game, like the loss to Green Bay last week, was one the Danger could have won.

“It could have gone either way, but there are things we could have done to prevent it,” Adrian Davis said. “The defense, we have to be more responsible. We have to click as an unit and play together, the same way our offense has to play together. We all have to play together as a team. We have to get better in every aspect of the game.”

The Danger hasn’t lost at home this year. All four losses have been on the road, and all four were games the Danger players and coaches feel like they should have won.

“Everything we did, we did to ourselves. That’s the crazy part of it,” Mike Davis said. “We haven’t had a team literally beat us yet. We’ve beaten ourselves. We just have to fine tune some things and get back to work.”

Whatever happens Friday night at Wyoming, the Danger will finally return home to play again on May 24. The opponent will be that same Wyoming team.

Adrian Davis said the Danger players will be happy to get home.

“It’s been tough being away on the road,” he said. “We’re trying to improve our road record. That’s being stressed all the time. But we’re coming back home next week. We have to get this win on the road and get some confidence.”

And the fact remains of the Danger can win its final four games, it will finish 10-4 and get at least one playoff game at home.

“We’re still battling for the first seed in the playoffs,” Adrian Davis said. “We’re trying to get better. We definitely have the talent. We have to put it together for one full game and see what we can do.”

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