No. 5 Ohio St. throttles Huskers 48-7 behind Fields, defense

Nebraska quarterback Adrian Martinez (2) throws a pass during the first half of an NCAA college football game against Ohio State in Lincoln, Neb., Saturday, Sept. 28, 2019.

LINCOLN — Nebraska coach Scott Frost doesn’t get it when quarterback Adrian Martinez gets so much criticism.

Of course Frost got a good share of it back when he was quarterbacking the Huskers in 1996 and 1997.

“I can’t believe he needs to be defended if you know football and watch that game,” Frost said. “There’s a lot of things that needed to be fixed. It’s just the nature of the game that the head coach and quarterback can get all the praise and the blame, and I think he knows that.”

The entire Nebraska team had a rough game last weekend against Ohio State. The Husker offense managed just 231 total yards. Martinez completed 8-of-17 passes for 47 yards with three interceptions, but he did lead the rushing attack with 81 yards on 15 carries, including a 56-yard run in the third quarter that led to the Huskers’ only touchdown of the game.

“He fought and made some good plays for us Saturday,” Frost said. “He’s going to make some incredible plays for us going forward That’s just the ups and the downs of the game. Adrian’s going to be just fine.”

Martinez put the 24-hour rule to good use after the Ohio State game. On Sunday, he just did his usual thing.

“I sat back and watched the NFL on Sunday and worked on some accounting homework,” Martinez said. “Nothing too new. It is the life of a student-athlete and, again, going back to having great people around me that I can fall back on.

“And I am excited. I’m excited for this new challenge that we have this Saturday and it is just putting things into perspective.

“It is still an honor to be here at Nebraska, still an honor to play quarterback here and you can’t take for granted a Monday practice and that is what I did today. That is how I wanted to look at it and how I wanted to treat it and set an example for the team and move forward.”

The Huskers broke out a new formation, calling it the “flex bone” or what Frost would call the “double-wing.” Whatever it’s called, it was kind of reminiscent of what Frost used to run at Nebraska.

Martinez said he’s watched some film of his head coach playing quarterback, but wouldn’t say he is faster than Frost was because of that long run against Ohio State where he got pulled down from behind.

“We’ll hold off on that,” Martinez said. “I can’t say too much now after being tracked down last game.”

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