LINCOLN — Nebraska coach Scott Frost didn’t have much to complain about after his team completed its first full week of fall camp Friday.

Frost said he likes what he’s seen at most positions as the first week of practice draws to a close.

“I expected it to be better and it’s better,” Frost said. “It’s a lot better. I don’t know what that means, We definitely can’t stop improving right now, but every position is better. I’m having a lot of fun coaching this team.

“Last year it was hard coaching this team at times. This year everybody shows up with a smile on their face. I don’t see one person that I don’t want to talk to. They’re having fun. It’s a fun team to coach. There are just a ton of things that have gotten better.”

Frost went on to break down several positions. He said outside linebacker JoJo Domann is back practicing with the team after spending some extra time at home in Colorado rehabbing from an undisclosed injury.

“He did some things today,” Frost said. “We didn’t have him in the 110 originally because he wasn’t ready to go. He had a good feeling about being home for a couple of days to continue the rehab work he’s been doing.

“We kind of picked a day when we thought he’d be ready, and he came back when he was supposed to and now he’s a part of the team.”

Frost said he’s pleased with the progress of the outside linebackers, but wants to see that improvement continue as practices go on.

“I think Alex Davis has made vast improvement,” Frost said. “Caleb Tannor looks better, looks faster. I’m anxious to get anxious to get JoJo in that mix. Ferg (Tyrin Ferguson) has been doing some really good things, and Garrett Nelson has been making plays, particularly yesterday he had a really good day.

“Then there are some other young guys I think have a chance So overall, I think that group has improved.”

Frost said Davis has always had the skills and physical gifts to do the job, but just needed to get comfortable with the position.

“He’s not a guy who has played football his whole life,” Frost said. “He was a basketball player growing up. I think he’d be the first one to tell you last year at times he He was in the right place at the right time but at the moment of truth wasn’t able to make the play.”

Frost also praised the work down by defensive backs coach Travis Fisher. He said Lamar Jackson, Dicaprio Bootle, Marquel Dismuke and Cam Taylor have all been playing great.

“Fish has done a great job with the DBs,” Frost said. “I think we did a great job recruiting at DB. The guys that are here have gone to work. They know what they’re doing. That position group has made such a 180 it’s hard to describe it.”

Frost said he is happy with the quarterback position from Adrian Martinez down the line to Noah Vedral, Luke McCaffrey, Andrew Bunch and Matt Masker.

“We are vastly improved at that position from the No. 1 guy all the way down the roster,” Frost said. “It was a little depressing last year going into certain games with one, maybe two healthy quarterbacks.

“...I wish the season would come down to a four-by-one relay with our quarterback group.”.

Frost praised new running back Dedrick Mills. He said Mills has been like a professional in everything he’s done.

While Mills is locked in as a running back, several players may be versatile enough to play both running back and receiver. That includes freshman Wan’dale Robinson and redshirt freshman Miles Jones who for the most part are being treated as receivers.

“Those guys have looked really good in the backfield too,” Frost said. “The inverse of that is if we get a couple of receivers hurt, Mo Washington is a guy who can go out there.”

Frost said one problem the coaching staff has had in the first week was just getting players to slow down.

“We’ve had to have talks two nights in a row about slowing them down, because we’ve been a little too reckless,” Frost said. “It’s not everybody, but that can lead to injuries on the field. You have to be able to practice like a pro and take care of each other.

“But I’d much rather have a team where I have to say slow down a little bit than one we’re trying to get to go faster and can’t, particularly the older guys who are going to be playing. We’re trying to pull the reins back on them a little bit.”

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