Cole Evans

Grand Island’s Cole Evans (7) in a 2019 high school game at Ryder Park in Grand Island. Evans announced that he’s transferring from Creighton to Parkland Junior College in Champaign, Illinois.

Cole Evans has found a new home for playing baseball.

After giving baseball a try at Creighton University, the Grand Island Senior High grad felt he needed a change.

Evans will transfer from Creighton to play baseball at Parkland Junior College in Champaign, Illinois. He announced it on Twitter in April.

Evans made the decision after COVID-19 ended the college baseball season. He had a talk with his parents about what he wanted to do.

“I wasn’t really happy playing baseball and felt it was best to move on,” Evans said. “I opened up my recruitment when I got home.”

A month later, Parkland coach Jon Goebel gave Evans a call. Evans didn’t take a trip out to Champaign, so Goebel convinced him to give the school a try. Evans said he liked what he heard.

“I really liked their coaches. It’s a couple of young guys who I agree with on how baseball should be played,” Evans said. “I just felt like it was the right fit.

“It’s obviously a different circumstance right now with everything going on. The coaches did the best they could in trying to make it feel like I knew what I was getting myself into when I get there.”

Evans only got to play in eight games and had 12 at-bats while playing for the Bluejays. Despite not staying with Creighton, he got along well with the other players, especially former GISH standout Parker Upton.

“I love my teammates for sure and I’ll miss those guys,” Evans said. “It’s no hard feelings towards the coaches. They really understood and still have good relationships with the players, especially Parker.

“I got to play with him a little bit when I was a freshman in high school. And in college, he was really helpful in showing me the ropes and showing me the way things are done. I got nothing but good things to say about Parker.”

Before he heads off to Champaign, Evans hopes to get some competitive baseball in. He is on the Hastings Sodbusters roster and plans to play for them if the Expedition League holds a season.

“I’ve been working a lot since I’ve been home but I’ve been getting ready for baseball,” Evans said. “If the Sodbusters play, great and it would be awesome to play some games. If not, I do have plans to move to Champaign in July. Either way, I have plans to play some baseball real soon.”

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