Would like to see a spay and neuter ordinance

Reading Sunday’s paper, I was most taken by the story of the Humane Society. The dogs showcased were all a mix, which tells me the first owner of these dogs gave them free reign to run and did not have them spayed or neutered. It sickens me to think of the very people out here in my community who are not responsible enough to have their pet taken care of.

I have talked to my council member and my local supervisor to be able to take my fight to both boards. Both said they would get back to me; neither one of them did.

I would like to see a spay and neuter ordinance in the city. I have no thoughts on how it would be enforced, I’ll leave that up to the powers to be.

I have talked to animal control. I was told that in a way that is the law. If they come into the shelter and they aren’t spayed or neutered, the owner pays a larger fine. That sounds to me like closing the barn door after the horse got out. I am guessing to say that the owner ought to surrender these dogs.

Also the shelter has 75 dogs and $350 is a large fee for most people to adopt them. The newspaper classified ads has an abundance of purebred dogs. How terrible for these female dogs to have litter after litter so the human owner can make a few bucks. How terrible for these dogs to be pregnant all the time. I know I wouldn’t like that for myself. The animals have a nervous system like that of humans.

Something needs to be done about it. I am aware that the dog breed must be carried on, but be responsible for the breeding.

Cynthia Baker

115 W. 14th St.

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