I know you all to be bright people, so how did you arrive at such an illogical and absurd conclusion in your editorial last Friday, the suggestion “that ‘white supremacy’ is gaining prominence today is because some politicians and media commentators are seeking attention by promoting it. We think the notion is overblown ...”

Had you been in the El Paso Walmart when an avowed white supremacist was “killing Mexicans,” would you write those words? If you were in Charlottesville for the “Unite the Right” rally two years ago and heard the chanting “Jews will not replace us,” or been in the pedestrian group rammed by a vehicle driven by a white supremacist and been with Heather Heyer as she died, would you write those words?

You write “the president has a combative personality and is given to exaggeration. He has a knack for infuriating opponents ...” What a deliberate understatement! Do you really think the president’s statements over the last four years have nothing to do with the rise in domestic terrorism? FBI Director Christopher Wray told Congress last week that most of the domestic terrorism arrests in the last year were white supremacists.

Before you wrote those lines, did you ask any of Grand Island’s minority community what they think?

I refer you to the 2019 Evangelical Lutheran Church in America’s new social statement titled “Faith, Sexism and Justice: a Call to Action”, approved by 97% of the vote at the churchwide assembly in Milwaukee last Friday.

I refer you to Bret Stephens’ opinion column in the New York Times of July 19, referencing Will Cather’s “My Antonia” and comparing our ancestors tribulations as new immigrants to America to those of today’s immigrants.

I implore you to use other diverse sources of information before putting pen to paper.

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