They’ll never know ...

The beauty of a morning sunrise.

Nor the majesty of a painted sunset.

The beauty of a new spring rose, or it’s thorns.

The song of the cardinal or a monarch in flight, nor a starry, starry night.

They’ll never know ...

The taste of their first ice cream cone.

Nor the strawberries of summer.

Or the joy of a furry friend.

The falling leaves of autumn, or the joy of making a snowman.

They’ll never know...

The sound of a sweet lullaby

Or nursery rhymes and bedtime prayers.

School day pals and memories

Or true love.

They’ll never know...

The magic of Christmas

Or the miracle of Easter

The pride of achievement

Or the heartache of strife.

Because they were taken from the womb

And denied the Right to Life.

They’ll never know...

Please pray that Planned Parenthood does not become a presence in our Tri-Cities.

Shirley Murphy

310 N. Grace Ave.

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