It’s time for our state’s corn industry to take a stand and say “enough is enough.” In just three years, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has devastated our ethanol industry by ignoring the law and has instead granted 85 oil refineries exceptions from producing ethanol. This has destroyed over 4 billion gallons of biofuel demand!

In a state that ranks second in ethanol production and third in corn production, our rural way of life is under attack. President Trump vowed to support the American corn farmer and directed the EPA to restore the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) and account for all waived gallons of ethanol. The EPA did not listen.

Rather, the EPA is basing its proposed “fix” on waived gallons recommended by the Department of Energy, which are substantially lower than the number of gallons actually granted by the EPA. This is not right by me, nor should it be for you.

We need to remind the EPA of the RFS’s original intent to bring a cleaner burning fuel to the market, provide a boost to America’s rural economy, and give this country greater energy independence.

We have one more chance to urge the EPA to reverse course and follow the law. There is an open comment period through Nov. 29 where farmers, motorists, rural and urban residents can submit their frustrations to the agency. It’s quick, painless and an easy step you cannot afford to ignore. Visit or to submit your comments today.

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