One hundred years ago the Wright brothers were hopping around in a cloth and wooden contraption. If you wanted to read at night you lit a kerosene lantern, and your bathroom was a wooden shed in the back yard built over a hole in the ground.

It’s easy now to look back at those people with hubris borne of our advanced technology. But before you congratulate yourself for being born at this point in the arc of progress, go forward another hundred years and look back at us from their perspective.

What part of us will they mock as “primitive”? You know they will mock us. They’re still humans even a hundred years later.

Flight has gone from clumsy powered kites to a vast array of devices to lift us from the ground. Electricity was little more than a parlor trick back then and now it is a web that covers the planet.

Our future generations may see this progress as a good start, but out of all our innovations one thing is still as primitive as it was a hundred years ago.

Will the future see our slow advance and wonder why we still burn fossil fuels? Were we just not smart enough to think of something better? We seem to be smart in the other areas of technology so why not this?

One hundred years from now our great-grandchildren and even some of us that are alive now will look back on this time and compare our use of fossil fuels to a wooden shed in the back yard.

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