I wish to congratulate Marvin Anderson on his letter of Feb. 8, on Mr. Trump and his beliefs/actions. In my humble opinion, he got it exactly correct. He is very articulate and yet not vicious in his thoughts.

The only thing I would add is this. Just prior to the president speaking at the prayer breakfast Arthur Brooks stated that we are to love our enemies and pray for those who persecute us. These are the words of Jesus Christ in Matthew 5:43-44.

Mr. Trump, however, proceeded to say he did not think he could agree with Mr. Brooks. So it would seem he was disagreeing with Jesus himself. Mr. Trump has demonstrated time and again he has no comprehension of Christian love.

One last thought I wish to share comes from the book of Job chapter 13:5 which states, “If only you would be altogether silent. For you that would be wisdom.”

That would for sure seem to apply to our president. May God bless him and the United States of America.

Dennis Kamprath

420 S. Madison St.

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