The JBS afternoon traffic is absolutely awful. You see, during the bank of time from 2:45 to 4 p.m. a lot of people from other places in Grand Island are getting off work and are needing to use Stuhr Road to get home.

And there are constant horns blowing, but the people going out of the parking lot don’t seem to notice. When we drive by, at all three entrances/exits, we about get cut off by one or more cars.

The drivers are speeding to get home, and they don’t seem to notice us other drivers.

I think that the G.I. police or the sheriff’s department should put someone out there to patrol. Even if they just sat in the car and had there lights on, that would help the traffic. Or if Grand Island would put up some stop signs.

Whatever happened to the nice and orderly traffic on Stuhr Road?

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