I understand Nebraska is a red state and your paper must cater to the right but Marc Thiessen’s column last week displayed outrageous hypocrisy.

Saying Bernie Sanders should not be president because he said Castro promoted literacy while Trump praises Putin, Kim Jung Un, Erdogan and Dueterte is being willfully blind. If all you have is propaganda and fear mongering, you aren’t adding to the conversation.

He seems very afraid of socialism even while he enjoys having a fire department, roads, Social Security and farmer bailouts. Socialism gives medical and long-term care. Do you have $5,000/month for your mother’s nursing home? Capitalism is when your insurance company denies you coverage.

I lived through the Cold War when America was so scared of Russia we built thousands of nuclear bombs. We were fighting authoritarian communism, not socialism, but propaganda conflated the two. Now the right is relying on 1950s propaganda to frighten you.

Bernie wants common sense and good for all people. The right wants you to be afraid.

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