Winding down from a talent-laden show Monday that was produced to raise money for our veterans, my emotions came crashing down upon me after hearing the reports of the Dallas shooting. Learning of this masked, heavily armed man who was intent on taking innocent lives saddened me. On the other hand, it gave me even greater hope and resolve to continue the work of Business Coalition for Veterans and of Service Dogs for Veterans.

I could not help but ask myself the question, “Would a service dog have made a difference in the life of this young Army veteran?” One doesn’t need a master’s degree to know that this veteran had severe issues that were not being recognized and addressed, nor quite possibly an intervention put forth, by those closest to him.

As was the case with prior veteran shows, Monday’s show was filmed by the audio/video department of Central Community College-Grand Island and the Student Veterans of America group. They have partnered with BCV, as has the Adelphos veteran group of Palmer and JAVELAN from Omaha. In 2017 and 2018, the veteran shows were broadcast on GITV and also online via the city website on Veterans Day. My hope is that with the opportunities of broadcasting the shows, Facebook and other means of social media, BCV will continue to raise the funds needed to succeed. An online link has been set up for BCV via the Grand Island Community Foundation at You can go there to support its work. You may also search “Business Coalition for Veterans Alda” to find our Facebook page.

As a survivor of a mass shooting that occurred in a restaurant I worked at in 1995, I know what I write about.

To those who came alongside our efforts Monday, thank you. Your donations mean more than you know. To those who continue to encourage me daily to keep up the work, thank you. And to those of you who have been wondering what you should do for our veterans and for the BCV, simply read the story of the Dallas shooting and the answer may become clear; perhaps you can help BCV and friends to help our veterans.

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