I’ve been involved with CHAD (Combined Health Agencies Drive), formerly CHC-NE, for over a decade. I chose to get involved because one of the agencies supported is JDRF. Our son has Type 1 diabetes.

I’m excited that our 2019-2020 West Central Region campaign chairman is Steve Stauffer. Having Steve chair this year is particularly special, as he‘s had strong ties to our organization since we were originally known as CHAD. He’s the perfect person to lead the campaign as we celebrate the first campaign back with our original name.

Stauffer became involved with CHAD in the early 1990s when he worked at GIA, and he first chaired the campaign in 1998. He believes strongly in the impact that workplace giving has on the charities supported. “In my experience, if you don’t make people aware of the need and resources out there and give them the opportunity to make a difference, you’re doing them a disservice,” he said. “There is strength in numbers, and every dollar is important.”

The dollars raised by the campaign are very personal to him, too, crediting CHAD, former CHAD President Curt Gordon and the American Lung Association in Nebraska for being there when he was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer in 1995.

Steve stated he used resources they provided to make decisions that ultimately helped save his life. Not many people survive stage four cancer. Steve shares that he owes CHAD a personal debt of gratitude because they not only helped him, but also his family.

Like Steve, when I look at the list of health organizations supported by CHAD, I agree that these agencies, such as JDRF personally for my family, touch and change so many lives daily: those of my family, friends, co-workers and neighbors. We are honored to have Steve help share that message this year.

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