Many politicians today seem enamored with socialism and the benefits it appears to provide. However, I suggest we think carefully before running headlong toward more socialism.

We must recognize that government cannot give its citizens something it has not first taken from them through taxation (i.e., no free college).

Without deficit spending, the amount which the government gives its citizens in entitlements or other benefits will overall be less than the amount they paid the government in taxes. Socialism requires employees to monitor how you use government money. Such employees will be paid by your tax dollars.

Many social welfare programs are merely government’s attempts to overcome the negative effects that failed social experiments have had on families. Studies show a strong correlation between intact, two biological-parent families and the economic prosperity of such families. Government policies must support such families, not undermine them.

When government aid is given, it should not nullify the consequences of poor choices individuals make. Doing so will only weaken both the individual and the nation.

All of us may at times need grace and compassion. When needed, the church and related relief agencies are better designed than government to carry out this essential ministry of love. In addition, the church’s mission includes promoting strong family values and character qualities essential for economic well-being.

Socialism is often accompanied by fiscal irresponsibility because seeing desired things happen now can easily blind us to the devastation that will come later if our government’s expenditures continually exceed its revenue.

The god of many Americans today is mammon, not our creator. Until the treasure we prize is God and his ways, we will find that neither socialism nor any other economic system will flourish in America. There is no other path to long-term national prosperity.

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