On Sunday, Rep. Adrian Smith sent out an email to constituents entitled: “Third District Survey: Is the Impeachment Inquiry a Distraction?” His so-called survey had only two questions and was slanted to form a very specific narrative.

Instead of asking: “Do you support Articles of Impeachment against President Trump?” (something that hasn’t yet been drawn up since only an impeachment inquiry is underway), a less biased question would be: “Do you support the impeachment inquiry?”

Instead of asking: “Did you think Congress should be focusing on other issues (trade, health care, infrastructure, immigration, etc.)?”, a more sincere solicitation of constituents’ views would ask something like: “Do you think Congress is being distracted by the impeachment inquiry and unable to focus on other issues?”

I would hope that our congressional representatives can walk and chew gum at the same time. Judging by the amount of bills already passed by the House in the current session, many can. It’s not an either/or proposition as Smith might want us to believe.

As written, the survey reveals that Smith’s mind is already made up concerning impeachment without knowing all the facts or getting input from constituents. It seems he is taking the limited survey because he wants to mold constituent responses to fit his preconceived determination.

If this is the case, Smith is no better than those he chastises for already deciding for impeachment. In fact, he is worse because, in his arrogance, he seems to not believe in the ability of his own constituents to think for ourselves.

Shame on him! Does he really represent us or does he think he knows better.

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