Today I ventured out to the Conestoga Mall to make a purchase for my wife for our anniversary. I was totally amazed at the number of empty store spaces inside the mall. How sad and depressing! Not only are the bigger stores (Sears and Younkers) gone but many of the smaller specialty stores.

The inside of the mall looks like a Jack O’ Lantern with a lot of missing teeth. I’m told this is due to the cost to rent space at the mall and people buying online? Something needs to happen or the mall as I remember it will be a thing of the past.

I’m not one to go online to buy items if I can buy it locally. I thought Grand Island was a retail hub for many people west of York, but I’m beginning to think that Kearney is making great strides in this area.

While at the mall I overheard a couple from out of town talk about what a shame it is to try and shop for an item and many of the stores they like are no longer in our mall.

I do like JC Penney so I guess I’ll continue to shop there and hope nothing happens to them like the other big box stores.

Retailers, if you want to save your business maybe you should go online and see what others are paying for the same thing you are selling. Online is not for me but if things continue to get worse at the mall I may have to go there for lack of anyplace to shop. (I do shop other stores outside the mall because they are local but even that is becoming a challenge if looking strictly at cost.)

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