Regency Retirement is independent living housing for seniors 62 and older and a non-profit organization. We are not government, but private pay only. We are not assisted living nor are we skilled care.

Again, we lost our food source from the Grand Generation Center Dec. 28, 2017, and yes, now again. And this program has been in place 18-plus years.

The letter, dated April 2, 2019, from the Generation Center says, “They will no longer be able to serve a noon meal at Regency as of July 1, 2019.” Their decision “to eliminate Regency was reached after months of investigating the hardships and restraints that it has placed on our current staff.”

For sure we understand, from the letter, that they quit as of July 1, 2019. So, our question back to them and all government elect, all the way to Gov. Pete Ricketts, why only Regency residents again?

Our average age at Regency is 85.96 years young. Really? Each resident has a note from their physician that the physician believes they need a hot nutritious meal. I have to assume that this doesn’t matter to the government and guess what? The residents pay $4 per meal.

It’s OK, as the Bible also says in James 1:2: “Count it pure joy when you are involved in every sort of trial.” Here are a few of our joys:

I caught a resident (88) delivering food to two other residents; a food source in Grand Island will temporarily provide lunches for us starting July 15; the Super Saver store manager has stepped up to provide for us; someone else who loves us wants to cook a meal for our 25 residents.

So, God is great, we will survive again. God is our provider and God knows what we need and God has all the answers. Are we sad and hurt about what is happening to innocent seniors in our community? You bet, but our prayers will continue to be answered.

God bless everyone who cares for our elderly in our community.

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