The coronavirus pandemic could be devastating to Nebraskans who can’t afford their prescribed medications. Those who are rationing their doses or who can’t fill their prescriptions are left in a vulnerable position against the highly contagious virus and will have more difficulty fighting it. Unfortunately, more people in our state could soon be joining the increasing number of Americans who are struggling to pay for their prescription drugs.

Nebraskans who are prescribed medication and work in affected industries could lose their jobs or have their hours cut, making it harder for them to afford their prescriptions. With no paycheck — or a much smaller one — more folks would have to forgo their prescription drugs to tighten their belts during this precarious time. This is why any plan to combat the coronavirus outbreak has to include a mechanism that makes prescription drugs more affordable in not only our state, but across the country.

The Prescription Drug Pricing Reduction Act would help Americans afford their medications. It would limit annual out-of-pocket costs for Nebraskans on Medicare and penalize pharmaceutical companies that raise their prices faster than the rate of inflation. This would help prevent price gouging and allow more people to fill their prescriptions in the middle of a crisis.

Americans need to be in good health to fight this pandemic. Support for this bill from President Trump and Republican leaders like our own Sens. Ben Sasse and Deb Fischer would help millions of Americans afford their medications. The Prescription Drug Pricing Reduction Act can help our country be in a better condition to withstand the coronavirus and its effects.

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