I am very disappointed with the people in Nebraska and across the country who are using fear and panic as an excuse to hoard necessities. If everyone would buy what they need, the shelves would be well stocked for everyone else and no one would be greeted by the sign of empty shelves.

I am also tired of the media bashing concerning the publishing of articles on hoarding. While at Hy-Vee last Thursday evening, one female customer was loudly bashing the media for causing the buying panic. Her next action was to take a selfie in front of the empty toilet paper shelves, which she loudly announced was being posted on Facebook.

I suspect that there are far more selfies in front of empty shelves than media-published articles on hoarding and fear-buying. I guarantee you that the Facebook postings are motivating hoarding far more than any newspaper or online articles.

Please people, buy only what you need and leave something for the next customer to purchase. That used to be the American way. I sure hope we can get back to that mindset sooner rather than later.

Virginia L. Fahnestock

2204 W. First St.

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