There were 385 excited kids who gathered at the Peace Lutheran vacation Bible school city of Nineva to watch the humpbacks and narwhals. These eager beavers discovered the wonders of the Old Testament biblical story of Jonah and the whale.

Sherri Probasco, director of children’s ministry at Peace Lutheran Church, and her associate, Shannon Seim, were on hand to manage, orchestrate and ensure even the smallest detail was not overlooked. The nearly 150 volunteers rounded out the activities and when all were on stage, it was like nearly a small city along with its suburb.

Senior Pastor Luke Biggs was on hand with his notorious bull horn on full volume, welcoming and high-fiving each little Ninevite personally. At the whale supper later on in the evening he earned the title of “Honorary Snow Cone King.” The road to Nineva was lined with art and craft tents with volunteers demonstrating how the kids could have a “hands-on” learning experience about Jesus and his love for the little children.

Jennie and Brian Williamson returned for their fourth consecutive year of directing the music program. If you’ve ever seen Jennie perform, you know she devotes her very heart and soul in the songs she writes. The kids all love her and mimic the songs, dances and special gyrations that give such glory to God. Her “Welcome to Nineva” was part of this special and sensational repertoire.

Our own Assistant Pastor Carl Eliason made a perfect looking Jonah as we might have imagined the prophet. Each morning Pastor Eliason presented a different biblical part of Jonah’s story. These morning storytimes were a highlight of this year’s VBS narrative program.

A VBS of this size could only succeed by dedication, creativity and the hard work of over 150 volunteers who must be recognized and thanked for making Peace Lutheran’s 2019 VBS so successful. Ask any kiddo if he liked the VBS and learned about Jesus and most likely you will get a high-five.

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