This is in response to the muddy, wet parking lots at the Nebraska State Fair.

I worked for the State Fair, 2010 through 2014, driving tractors and shuttles, and for some reason, I got stuck on parking lots the last two years — 2014 was the wettest ever I drove. There is no reason for the swales; they are always bad. I saw a heck of a lot of stuck vehicles — even 4x4’s that some people say can go anyplace.

Our supervisor the last year I was there and maybe in 2013 told me and others we had to drive through flagged-off areas that security had flagged off because we had four-wheel-drive tractors. I asked the security guys and was told, no way. Our supervisor said forget what security said or we would not be driving tractors and shuttles.

I wrote the State Fair board. They could go to all the gravel, cement and asphalt companies, even the cement crushing people, to get any and all of them to be sponsors and then level off the low and swale areas and do gravel, mud and big rock, crushed concrete, even asphalt millings and if so, cement and asphalt in some areas and have it done all completely.

They had gravel put on some back areas after a lot of people got stuck, but it never lasted. They have had plenty of time since then to get a lot of sponsors, as I mentioned, and cover those two parking lots off of State Fair Boulevard and just where needed in areas after that. Never done.

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