Six years ago, my husband heard Dr. Tom Osborne speak at Central Community College about his TeamMates Mentoring Program. We knew about TeamMates but hadn’t entertained the idea as something we would do. However, Osborne was so convincing that my husband said, “We have to do this.”

We were both matched with sixth-graders and met with them one hour per week during their lunch hour at school. During these visits, we chatted while they ate lunch and then played games, cards, Sudoku, made crafts and shared parts of our lives.

We have continued to mentor these same students for six years. We were not parents, teachers or peers during this time. We were supportive, encouraging, caring adults they could count on each week. We have been enriched by this experience and witnessed our mentees grow in self-confidence and responsibility.

Every kid deserves an objective adult friend and TeamMates always welcomes people who want the best for kids to consider mentoring.

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