I’m writing in response to Gerald Kosmicki’s letter to the editor dated Aug. 17.

Ronald Reagan once said, “Here we go again.” As with most of the liberal left, Mr. Kosmicki suffers from hate Trump derangement syndrome. He fills his comments with myths and innuendos. He, as many liberals, rails against the one percenters — are they jealous? Hello — they provide millions of jobs.

He talks about Latinos being a stable force, controlling inflation. How? By lower wages. Uh, oh. The one percenter will get richer. My No. 1 question to him and the left is simple — what part of illegal don’t you understand?

When President Obama took office, the debt was $10 trillion. When he left, it was $20 trillion and he depleted the military, which Trump is having to rebuild. Please don’t tell us about Obama’s accomplishments, if any.

Let’s support President Trump and his love for America.

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