It’s almost spring. Yes, at last, and that means Friends of GI Parks and the city of Grand Island are extending to you an invitation to brighten up our parks by volunteering with the Parks Department to aid in planting seeds in the greenhouse, preparing containers and just getting your hands in the dirt early.

Our Parks Department has only one person responsible for the growth, placement and maintenance of flower beds throughout our community, Brad Foster, the horticulturalist. He is a man of many talents, but not enough time. He needs your help as a volunteer to spread the beauty that is nature.

Don’t have a “green thumb” you say? Doesn’t matter. Don’t have a lot of time? Doesn’t matter. Don’t have garden tools? Doesn’t matter. Are you interested? It matters.

Call Brad at (308) 380-1132. Prime time for need of volunteers is the first week of March, when he starts getting things going. So, please call, and let him know you’re interested.

The city, Friends of GI Parks, and the citizens of Grand Island thank you.

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