Don’t our state legislators have enough on their plates that they have to go picking on the older citizen-drivers of our state?

To assume that 80 and older is the magic number when I, or anyone, becomes “cognitively impaired” is, frankly, presumptuous, demeaning, and offensive.

If the Legislature, in its wisdom, wants to adopt some kind of impairment test, then every driver in the state — legislators included — should be made to pass such a test, young and old alike. It is neither fair, nor legal, for government to single out a segment of society for special treatment.

The privilege to drive is far too important and valuable for government to subject us, or any citizen, to an arbitrary examination of their abilities, when their renewal time comes around. (I’m sure the Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles would be thrilled with that possibility.)

The very idea is frightening. Folks who lived through World War II, regarding the Nazis, will know exactly what I mean. It should be everyone’s concern.

David E. Harris

2906 Idaho Ave.

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