Ron Emken, Nancy Emken, and Roger "Ozzie“ Ostwald need to honored for their contributions for the success of the Grand Island Airport. Sadly, Nancy Emken passed away in 2003, and Roger Ostwald passed away earlier this year. Ron and Nancy owned Grand Island Aviation and Roger Ostwald owned Exec Air for decades.

Grand Island Aviation and Exec Air are known around the world, and have given the Grand Island airport an excellent reputation in the aviation community. Both operators no longer exist and I feel that their decades of professionalism contributed to the success of the airport and reputation the Grand Island airport has around the world. Trego Aviation replaced Grand Island Aviation in 2003 and is as great an operation as Grand Island Aviation and Exec Air, but GIA and Exec Air should not be forgotten. Their contribution for decades made the Grand Island airport successful. Ron Emken, Nancy Emken and. Roger “ Ozzie “ Ostwald should be honored for their efforts making the airport great.

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