DEA Agent Richard Salter recently gave a “Fact vs. Fiction” presentation in Grand Island on medical marijuana. The facts were not well reported. Then The Independent’s question of the day, “Do you think marijuana has valid medical uses?,” had a 70% “yes” response.

Here are some facts. Marijuana has no scientifically proven medical benefit and is actually a toxic drug that is extremely harmful to the body and society. The only proven effect is a drug-induced high. Known health risks include effect on intellectual development, altered brain development, and increased risk of Chronic Psychosis Disorders.

The potency of THC, the psychoactive constituent, has risen from 6% in a 1960s joint to 70% for vaping extracts. Marijuana contains 50-70% more cancer-causing chemicals and four times more tar than tobacco.

Myth: Marijuana doesn’t hurt anyone. In reality, Colorado hospitals have seen significant increases in overdoses, health effects, and injuries to others. Law enforcement is dealing with increased traffic violations, property crime, violent crime, murder, and suicides.

Myth: Pot users are clogging prions. Fact is marijuana offences make up just 1.6% of state prisoners.

Myth: Marijuana is not addictive. Fact is 9% of all users become addicted and 17% of those who do start in adolescence.

The “medical use” push is primarily funded by three billionaires, most notably George Soros. Soros and other backers are on record saying that medical use is the key to full legalization, which is the ultimate goal. With medical or recreational legalization, people will be exploited for financial gain. Soros is quoted, “I am basically there to make money, I cannot and do not look at the social consequences of what I do.” The next push in Nebraska will be a ballot measure. How can an addictive, psychoactive and toxic drug be branded as “medicine” by popular vote?

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