Dear Mr. McCarty, sorry it has taken me all week to reply to your letter to the editor. I live on the first block of West 14th Street and I have written letters, called the police and stood out on my sidewalk yelling for the excessive speeders to slow down.

One day I talked to a 911 dispatcher to complain. I asked her if she had read any of my letters to the editor. Her reply to me was no. Shameful that some of our city government does not support our local newspaper.

I’ve offered to let an officer sit in my driveway with his/her radar on. If you stop and think about it, I rarely see a patrol on a city street and not once have I seen speeders caught. It’s not just Capital Avenue and 14th Street, watch as you drive around town, no one drives the speed limit. Webb Road, Stolley Park, Highway 281, Faidley, Broadwell and Eddy are just as bad.

I haven’t done it yet, but I’m going to set my lawn chair in the middle of the street, holding a sign that says “SLOW DOWN.” When I yell at them to slow down, some do and others shout obscenities at me and drive even faster.

A half-block from me on the corner is the Trinity Lutheran School. My neighborhood has grown and we now have a lot of children. I see that their ball will roll out onto the street.

Just think with monies from speeders we wouldn’t have such high property taxes, larger sales tax, wheel tax, and who knows what else we get taxed for. Oh! That’s right, we get a higher tax for eating out.

Washington is not the only place with broken government, so are we.

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