Without diminishing the severity of the pandemic, we should see this as an opportunity. It is part of human nature to band together against a common foe. The problem is identifying the foe, marking out lines of division, and then attacking said foe has led to serious divisions among ourselves.

Covering the entire range from international war, local politics, and all the way down to office gossip, these divisions have one thing in common... the Other. We band together with those like us against those not like us.

Sometimes we try to put a noble face on our side but so does the other side. The only truly noble cause would be one that puts all of humanity on one side.

And what then of our common foe? What could it be that makes it different, makes it the Other, to such a degree that every human on Earth would gather against it?

The movie “Independence Day” showed us a way that can happen, but fictional aliens don’t affect the real world. Real aliens do. What is more alien than a thing that looks alive, acts alive, but is not alive, has no soul and survives by killing humans? Zombie movies come to mind, but again fiction is not real.

What is real is a virus that has all the attributes of a common foe. In the interest of a noble cause for humanity we can band together and fight on an unfamiliar battleground. Scientists are the soldiers and truth is their weapon that transcends any political boundary.

Gerald Posey

824 W. Ninth St.

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