We live at a time that is difficult for all of us. I hope this novel poem has brightened your day as we battle the novel virus, which is threatening the welfare of every American. You may have just experienced the laughter of a joke. But we have yet to experience the laughter and celebration of victory over our unseen enemy. Experiencing that laughter will take the coordinated effort of us all. Let us each get involved as we can. If we have administrative skills, let us give wise direction to those beneath and beside us. If we are experts in something, let us share the expertise with those we know who need it. Let us not allow fear to drive us to amass more of anything than we reasonably need. Rather, let us trust in God who promises to supply our needs. If we know Christ as Lord ourselves, let us share how trusting the Lord enables us to overcome our fears.

Even if we are only doing some simple task, let us do it faithfully and diligently. Even the simplest job left undone, or done poorly, may greatly complicate or impede something essential to our welfare. We should not foolishly disregard guidelines given by health experts. Neither should we remain isolated. We are not made for isolation, but for loving communities where each looks out for the needs of others around us. Encourage those around you by text, email or phone call. Or you could send this poem to someone with a note to give them comfort and assure them of your support. Let us not be overcome by evil, but let us overcome evil with good.

Let us not be discouraged as we face tough times. There is always a price to pay in warfare. There will be casualties ahead before we experience the joy and laughter of the final victory pictured in Revelation 19. That victory hasn’t happened yet, but it will. Until then, let us look up, soldier on. And maybe even take a moment to laugh.

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