Planned Parenthood is putting its feelers back out again in Central Nebraska to see if they can put down roots somewhere. We must not only say no, but hell no. Women’s health is the farthest from their mind.

We have all heard about those who went undercover to expose them for selling aborted baby parts, right? How sick is that? Go see or rent the movie “Unplanned” if you’re on the fence regarding the subject.

We had our daughter, Jennifer, from invitro fertilization, and heard her heartbeat in 10 days. This is a living person who also has the capability of feeling pain. God is the creator of life, and for that reason if you take it upon yourself to end that innocent life that God chose to put in your body, then you have committed murder — a life that wasn’t yours to take.

There are so many contraceptives out there, there is no excuse to be in that situation. There are many well-trained doctors and medical facilities to deal with a woman’s health in the Tri-Cities. We absolutely do not need Planned Parenthood around here.

Matthew 5-21 says, “You have heard it was said long ago, ‘You shall not murder, and anyone who murders will be subject to judgment.’” The Bible is either the truth or a lie. You can’t add to or take away parts that you don’t agree with.

There are options if you find yourself in that situation, with many folks looking to adopt. There is no excuse for doing the unthinkable — to take the life of an innocent, unborn child out of convenience.

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