I was taken aback — no, actually offended — when I was doing the NEA crossword in The Independent recently.

The clue was “ferocious dog,” which could actually be any breed at any time under any given circumstances, but the words “pit bull” fit.

Working this puzzle happened to coincide for me with reading the book, “Pit Bull” by Bronwen Dickey. She points out in her book how pit bulls in the 1800 and early 1900’s were America’s dog — loyal companions for their humans. Through the years they got a bad rap, mostly from the reports on dog fighting by the media and skewed reports on dog bites.

From our personal experience of owning Zeus, a beautiful black and white pit bull, I know these dogs are loyal to their humans and love human companionship. Our Zeus had a head as big as a basketball and by physical appearance looked ferocious, but was a big baby. He was very gentle and laid back and loyal.

I know there are still uninformed people who are buying into the media hype about pit bulls, which I thought was in the past by now. I was very disappointed to see a current crossword puzzle call pit bulls ferocious. Shame on NEA crosswords for perpetuating the lie about these beautiful, smart, loving dogs.

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