This past week we were all treated to our first real glimpse of the candidates who are seeking the Democratic nomination for president. Watching both debates, I can only say that I was left feeling totally disheartened and disgusted at what was displayed.

Most of the candidates should be immediately disqualified as potential presidential candidates. In fact, regarding those candidates who currently hold elected offices, they should be immediately removed from their offices.

Most of the candidates hold elected offices that require that they swear an oath to defend this nation and to uphold the Constitution. And, of course, anyone elected to the presidency must uphold this oath. One of the primary duties of the federal government, applying to each branch, is the obligation to defend and enforce the borders of this nation from all foreign invaders. Almost all the candidates indicated that they have no desire or intention to uphold that specific duty now or in the future.

What we have been witnessing at our southern border cannot be considered anything other that a full fledged foreign invasion. Anyone who enters the United States without express permission is, by any definition, an invader. Anyone entering our nation without express permission is committing a crime and should be subject to prosecution under all applicable laws.

Almost all of the candidates participating in the debates either verbally stated that they believe that entering our nation illegally should be “decriminalized,” or they indicated that they favored a policy that is pretty much equivalent of having “open borders.” This is a flagrant violation of the oath of office elected officials must uphold, according to the U.S. Constitution.

It seems abundantly clear that none of the candidates are worthy of holding the high office of the presidency. Most should not even be allowed to continue to serve in the offices to which they were elected. If this is the best that the Democratic Party has to offer, it seems clear that the Democratic Party intends to make this nation something other than the democratic republic that it has been since its establishment. They seem to be more intent on making our nation an “idiocracy.”

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