As the coronavirus moves inland from the coasts, Grand Island has become a hotspot in the pandemic. Luckily, air ambulances are there to assist overrun medical facilities by transporting COVID-19 patients to hospitals with greater capacity in larger cities like Omaha and Lincoln.

For rural residents of Nebraska, air ambulances have and will continue to play a critical role in preserving access to care and providing support for understaffed hospitals – even when we are not in the midst of a public health crisis.

As anyone who has suffered a major cardiac event, stroke, or traumatic injury knows, in emergency situations, every minute counts. Air ambulances are essentially flying emergency rooms, equipped with life-saving equipment, and trained medical staff. They provide swift transport to the nearest hospital while treating the patient in the air, improving health outcomes.

The pilots and medical professionals who staff these life-saving flights are now on the frontline in the fight against the coronavirus, and their role should not be overlooked.

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