A hearty Saturday Salute goes this week to Jeremy Fields and Alexia Ramirez, who have taken it upon themselves to organize a monthly Movies in the Park program for local families.

Starting its second year, the movie night began with the showing of “Space Jam” Friday night at Grace Abbott Park. This year, the monthly movie night will be bigger than ever, with activities such as bounce houses, a petting zoo and local food vendors.

This is such a great, family-friendly event that we’re sure many local families will look forward to as a chance to get outside and have fun at no cost. Last year, about 600 people attended and, with the cooperation of the weather, similar crowds are sure to fill the park this year.

Fields and Ramirez said they are grateful for the support and donations of local businesses such as JBS, 107.7 The Island and Play It Again Sports. These sponsors, along with cooperation from the city of Grand Island, make this possible.

Since there is no cost to the event, they are asking for donations of nonperishable food or hygiene items, which will be given to the Salvation Army. The purpose of this event is not just entertainment, but also another form of giving back to the community.

So many people were willing to come to aid of 13-year-old

We also salute all the people who immediately offered to replace a television that was stolen from a Grand Island middle school student after he had won it at his school’s talent show.

His principal said that so many people offered to give him a TV that he could have lined his entire house with TVs.

This was a very sad story to think about how excited the student must have been to win a TV and then, while walking home, have his excitement squashed by having three students his same age take it from him.

It is heartwarming to know that he does have his prize.

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