A hearty Saturday Salute goes this week to the Heartland Workers Center, Multicultural Coalition, Immigrant Legal Center, City of Grand Island, Grand Island Visitors Bureau, and Grand Island Chamber of Commerce as they are joining together today to celebrate Immigrant Heritage Month.

The celebration will be from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday on Fourth Street between Walnut and Wheeler streets.

Mayor Roger Steele will be on hand to sign a proclamation declaring June Immigrant Heritage Month in Grand Island. He and the other participants in this celebration recognize the value of Grand Island’s great ethnic and cultural diversity.

There will be six food trucks offering a variety of food and drink to those who turn out for this block party. Activities for kids are also planned.

This is a time for our community to come together to celebrate the positive impact of immigrants on Grand Island.

Volunteers reducing Hope Harbor’s cost for playground

We also salute the volunteers from Third City Christian Church and Landscaping Solutions, LLC, for coming together to provide the workforce for a playground project at Hope Harbor.

The work begin on Wednesday on demolition at the current playground site, with work to continue on June 19 and July 17. Landscaping Solutions has volunteered to do a majority of the landscaping work and supplies are being funded through grants from Wood Bros Realty, Benjamin A. Black Charity, Third City Christian Church Children’s Ministry and Rainbow Play Systems.

But Third City Christian Church also stepped forward, saying it wanted to volunteer the workforce for this renovation as its summer project.

Although Hope Harbor does have building and maintenance funds set aside for any renovations, it will now only have to pay half of what had been expected to be its cost.

In the past year, the shelter has repeatedly had to make repairs on its playground and having a safe and fun play area for children staying at Hope Harbor has become a critical need. Later this summer, they will have an all-new playground to bring some joy into their lives at a difficult time.

If you are interested in volunteering for the renovation project, contact the Hope Harbor Service Center at (308) 385-5190.