The library has been a busy place lately with our renovations — a voting place, patrons all scrambling to get something to read or a movie to watch on these cold days and nights.

With so many things that can be divisive in today’s world — politics, social media, Shakira concerts vs. plans to hold an NFL game in Mexico City — it’s nice to focus on things that can unite.

Some people don’t care much about TV. They get most of their entertainment looking out the front window.

The ghosts, goblins and witches of Halloween may have been this past week, and the spooky air of the holiday is making way for fall and the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, but in my opinion, any time of the year is a good time to pick up a good tale of horror. Many people enjoy being scared, …

Sears was such an important part of American life that even its store brands were household names.