KEARNEY — A boutique fitness studio in Kearney provides a larger space for individualized classes, including small muscle training.

In early October, Press On Fitness Studios owner Jenn Nolda moved her gym from a 700-square-feet spot to a 4,000-square-feet space.

Nolda started offering personal training, spin and boot camp classes in July 2018. Her client base quickly grew and filled the smaller studio.

“We just had the potential to serve so many more people at the same time slots. So we’ve over-quadrupled our space. That’s really exciting,” she said.

In the new gym at 2101 E. Highway 30, Nolda has created separate studio space for spin, yoga and weight-lifting classes. When classes aren’t in session, patrons may also use the gym area for personal workouts. as well as a heart-rate monitoring system.

“Usually it’s a private studio, so there’s nobody else in the studio while we’re doing personal training and people really love that,” she said. “But they also really love the classes because they then get the interaction.”

Nolda also has set aside a small room for Pilates Reformer classes taught by certified instructor Danielle Del Nodal.

Why Pilates?

Del Nodal said, “Pilates is all about postural alignment, balance, mobility, coordination. A lot of it is mind/body connection. So it’s similar to yoga in that aspect, but mostly I’m working on training people so they’re in correct alignment with their body.”

The Pilates exercises bypass the large muscles and work the small muscles from the inside out, Del Nodal said. “They call it the work of millimeters.”

Del Nodal trains her clients on two zero gravity machines, which are called Pilates Reformers. On these machines, Del Nodal helps her clients to strengthen and lengthen their muscles without putting pressure on their spines.

As they lay on the carriage, clients push and pull on resistance springs through different exercises. However, Del Nodal said they don’t feel the weight because it doesn’t put compression on their spines.

“So that’s why this is a lovely machine for anyone that has any injuries or anyone that’s compromised because we’re never going to put them in a position where they’re going to be hurt,” she said.

Del Nodal, a Chicago native, trained athletes on the Pilates Reformer before she moved to Kearney with her boyfriend and Tri-City Storm assistant coach Nick Brusa. In Chicago, Del Nodal worked with athletes and clients with chronic back pain. She hopes to eventually rehabilitate injured Storm players on the Pilates Reformers.

“I’m passionate about helping people who’ve got injuries or anything that they’re trying to work through,” she said, “but I’m passionate about athletes, too.”

Del Nodal serves her clients on a one-on-one basis or in small classes. She said the Pilates Reformer studio and other studio spaces at Press On Fitness are sound-proof and private. That is how Nolda intended it to be, according to Del Nodal.

“...she (Nolda) wants to make everything, private group training, so that we can effectively assess each client, not just throw them in and they’re on their own,” Del Nodal said.


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