HOLDREGE — Due to widespread transmission of the coronavirus, the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services Health Alert Network Advisory announced that public health authorities have determined that a diagnosis of COVID-19 from a health care provider without testing is enough to warrant self-isolation.

Evidence suggests that 80 percent of COVID-19 infections are mild and might not warrant a health care visit or lab test. Capacity and supplies for COVID-19 laboratory testing currently are limited and being prioritized to highest risk individuals.

Therefore, the following symptoms are enough to warrant self-isolation:

- Temperature

- Cough

- Shortness of breath

- Sore throat

Self-isolation means an individual is staying home and limiting contact with other people in the household, according to a Two Rivers press release.

People with those symptoms, or people returning from China, Iran, most European countries, United Kingdom and Ireland, should self-isolate.

Also, the Nebraska Public Health Laboratory will attempt to test any patient in the following groups:

- Inpatients: For suspected COVID-19, who have had negative test results on flu tests and respiratory panels.

- Outpatients: Vulnerable or high-risk populations, including health care workers, public safety workers, nursing home workers and day care workers.

For more information, call Two Rivers Public Health Department at 888-669-7154 or visit trphd.org.

Three confirmed cases of COVID-19 have been identified in the seven-county district of the Two Rivers Public Health Department.

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