LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) — These Nebraska lotteries were drawn Tuesday:

2 By 2

Red Balls: 4-18, White Balls: 21-25

(Red Balls: four, eighteen; White Balls: twenty-one, twenty-five)

Estimated jackpot: $22,000

Mega Millions

20-34-39-43-57, Mega Ball: 13, Megaplier: 3

(twenty, thirty-four, thirty-nine, forty-three, fifty-seven; Mega Ball: thirteen; Megaplier: three)

Estimated jackpot: $40 million


Month: 3, Day: 10, Year: 22

(Month: three; Day: ten; Year: twenty-two)

Pick 3


(five, three, four)

Pick 5


(sixteen, twenty-six, thirty-one, thirty-five, thirty-seven)

Estimated jackpot: $82,000


Estimated jackpot: $66 million

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