Quiet Zone - York Trains

This YNT file photo from December 2014 shows the completed railroad crossing modifications at 19th and Delaware. Part of the quiet zone requirements were street realignment and raised median features, which will inhibit drivers from going around lowered crossing arms.

YORK – The York City Council has accepted a $489,330.35 bid from MTZ Construction of Lincoln, for the last phase of work to complete the city’s quiet zone project.

The vote was taken this past week.

According to the bid documents, work is scheduled to start on or around Aug. 1 and is to be completed within a 60-day period.

LB357 funds are being used for this project (which are the receipts generated by the extra ½ percent sales tax that was passed by voters a few years ago for specific projects).

This project has been one of focus for the LB357 fund since it was established.

The city took bids last August as well – but when the only bid came in at double the engineer’s estimated cost, the city council agreed to reject all bids and try again later with hopes that construction companies would be “more hungry for work.”

That earlier bid was for $427,685.

The problem is that now, the bid came in at nearly $490,000.

“Hind sight is 20/20,” said York City Administrator Joe Frei. “We denied the bid last August – little did we know there would be floods in the state and more. Then we went out to re-bid. I wish we would have accepted that bid then, as it is more now.”

“At the time, we probably made the right decision, but things went crazy (in the state) and the construction companies are busy,” said Mayor Barry Redfern.

The council agreed and approved the bid.

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