ReFind Thrift & More

Stephanie Keezer, ReFind Thrift & More co-owner, readies the new downtown store for its grand opening Monday. (Grand Island Independent/Brandon Summers)

A new thrift shop has opened downtown.

ReFind Thrift & More, 123 W. Third St., specializes in furniture, decor, housewares and antiques.

Being a “scrapper” is in store co-owner Stephanie Keezer’s blood.

“My grandfather was a scrapper. He also owned a furniture store downtown many years ago — the Treasure Chest,” Keezer said. “My mom is actually a manager for Goodwill Industries, so we grew up in thrift stores and auction houses. My grandpa’s family ran Knott’s Auction House way back in the day. I just kind of grew up around it.”

The “more” part of the store’s name deals with estates, she said.

“We purchase estates, and part of our plan for growth in the next six months or so will be to actually settle personal property estates,” Keezer said. “Currently the options available are to deal with it yourself, donate it or take it to an auction, so we thought we’d fill that gap.”

Already being considered are estate flash sales, she said, as well as outright purchases of the estate.

ReFind had a soft opening last Thursday with family and friends, and opened Friday to the public.

The store had its grand opening Monday.

Already, Keezer said the store is doing better than anticipated.

“Downtown was a great choice. There’s a lot going on downtown, so people noticed right away,” she said. “We had a lot of people actually coming to the store while we were setting up.”

The rental space needed some renovating before the store could be realized.

“(The property owner) took down a wall for us and made sure the floors were done and the stuff on the sales floor was complete,” Keezer said. “They also replaced a window that needed to be replaced. From there, it really was just setting up for us.”

As part of Monday’s grand opening, the store featured a “spin & win” wheel for discounts. If the wheel of 26 letters landed on the visitor’s initial, that person received a 5% discount.

That amount increased by 5% through the day, up to 35% by the time the store closed.

ReFind also gave away drink tumblers with the store’s logo and had a drawing for a fireworks package.

Opening the store has been exciting, Keezer said.

“We’re really looking forward to being able to fill the gap in affordable and quality purchases to really all income bases,” she said. “We’re excited to be downtown and in the Grand Island area. My husband and I both were raised here and we consider it home.”

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