WASHINGTON — Many veterans are buried in Arlington National Cemetery, but there is one site that draws the most visitors, even though no one knows who is buried there.

On the final day of the Hall County Hero Flight, the veterans and their escorts visited the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, Va.

Not only did the veterans get to witness the changing of the guard, but four members of the flight were able to lay a wreath adorned with a ribbon that read “Hall County Heroes Flight” at the tomb.

Dressed in suit jackets and ties, Lloyd Unick and Dale Fickle were ready to take on the task.

Fickle said they received instructions from the guards stationed at the site on what to do.

After the four veterans laid the wreath, the men stood with their hands over their hearts as the ceremony continued.

That is when one of the soldiers at the tomb began to play taps.

“Taps is always the saddest and yet most invigorating piece of music that I know,” Unick said. “And yet it makes you proud.”

For the two men, being able to lay the wreath was a great honor.

“It was very emotional and something I will never be able to do again,” Fickle said. “I was very overwhelmed and yet very thankful to be chosen for such an honor.”

For Unick, it was special being able to honor a soldier that no one knew.

“We were honoring one that we did not know who he was and I’m not even sure what war the deceased was from,” Unick said. “But we were honoring, we remembered, and I kind of realized that yes, people do remember.”

Both Unick and Fickle were grateful to be able to go on the Hall County Hero Flight, and said that it was a trip to remember.

Unick said, “I am so grateful for the community, and everyone who worked to put this on. We couldn’t have gone without them, and I am very thankful we have support from the community.”

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