A work of art being added this week to Studio K in downtown Grand Island is more than a decoration. It’s a personal touch that will also teach.

Last August, Karen Neppl purchased the former Prairie Winds Art Center at 112 W. Third St. and renamed it Studio K Art Gallery.

The gallery, which features local artists, is a popular destination for people visiting Grand Island.

Studio K has also continued Prairie Winds’ tradition of offering art classes. To add a personal touch to her teaching gallery, Neppl said, she has painted a specially designed color wheel in the shape of a star on the gallery’s floor.

“Part of the learning is the color wheel with the primary and secondary colors,” she said.

A color wheel or circle is a visual representation of colors arranged according to their chromatic relationship. A person using a color wheel begins by positioning primary hues equal distance from one another, creating a bridge between primaries using secondary and tertiary colors.

Neppl said she originally wanted to paint a star on the wooden floor, which she had just sanded. But the color wheel is fundamental to teaching art.

“So I implemented the color wheel into my star,” she said.

The star designed as a color wheel is made up of geometric shapes, consisting of triangles.

“On parts of the star where the red is, underneath is the green,” Neppl said. “Green is a complement of red as the inside of the circle is the complement of the outside colors. Also, on the inside color is the color, like red, and you mix white into it and you get a tint. On the outside, I’ll be adding black to the color to bring out the hue.”

With both children’s and adult classes coming up, she said, she is busy completing her starry color wheel. The first class will be on Feb. 6 when Cesare Roman, who is from Honduras, will be teaching about watercolors. The children’s art classes will start on Feb. 16.

For more information, call Studio K Art Gallery at (308) 381-4001 or visit Studio K Art Galley on Facebook.

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