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A new Burger King, set to open in September, is being built at 2624 S. Locust St. The main contractor is Chief Construction. The new restaurant will have a double drive-through and other new features.

The Burger King on South Locust Street will open at a new location sometime in September, says owner Bill Degen Jr.

The restaurant is moving farther south on Locust, where a new structure is being built at the former home of Uncle Ed’s Steak House.

Burger King currently operates in the Fonner View Center, at 1201 S. Locust St. A sign on that location says it will be available for lease in September.

The new restaurant will have a double drive-through and other new features that “Burger King’s developed over the years,” Degen said. The site is at 2624 S. Locust St., on the corner of Stagecoach Road and South Locust.

When the move takes place, South Locust will be without a Burger King for “less than a week hopefully,” he said.

The business opened at Fonner View Center in 1994.

Degen and his father, the late Bill Degen Sr., opened the Burger King on West Second Street in December of 1976. They opened the location at 2280 N. Webb Road in 1982.

Bill Degen Sr. passed away in 2005 at the age of 77.

The primary owners of the three Burger Kings are Bill Degen Jr. and his sister, Nancy Lonergan. Their sons, Chris Lonergan and Austin Degen, are also involved in the operation.

Burger King follows another tenant of Fonner View Center in moving farther south. Texas T-Bone is now at 1600 S. Locust.

Fonner View Center is owned by Tom Tiehen, who lives in California.

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